Acknowledge your identity to change habits.

Often bad habits become part of our identity. 

Something that other people use to label and describe us. 

“I’m a smoker.”

“I’m a fast drinker.”

“I’ll eat anything.”

“I’m not smart.”

“I’m always late.”

The first step to changing these things is acknowledge that we feel this way. 

The second step is to commit to a new identity. Repeat it to yourself and monitor your activity to check that you actually follow it. 

“I quit smoking and would never smoke again.”

“I drink slowly and enjoy each sip.”

“I’ll only eat things that are good for me.”

“I’m a hard worker.”

“I’m always 5 minutes early.”

Tell other people about your new identity. Have them keep you accountable. 

When you’ve told enough people and repeated it to yourself enough it will physically hurt to break your new identity. 

You will be upset and feel bad. 

Over time, this will change the behavior. 

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