A work routine takes 3 days to start showing results.

I’m coming to the end of 2.5 weeks in Europe working / playing.
The concept of the trip was inspired by one I took 2 years ago. Alika and I spent 6 weeks in europe with 1 week per city we were in.
The takeaway from that way that was that we needed at least a week in one place to really get some work done during the days.
This trip has proved that to be true. I’ve been moving too much and pinned down that it takes about 3 days to get into the full swing of things. The 3rd day is the first fully productive one.
My typical travel routine looks like this:
7:00 wakeup, meditate and brush teeth.
7:30 go for a run
8:30 shower
9:00 breakfast
10:00 work
19:00 play
When working correctly it allows me to get 7+ hours of focused work in.
Day 1 is all about two things:
1. Nailing down the wakeup and finding a good place to run.
3. Finding a good place to work with fast wifi and access to good food. (I eat a big breakfast so that I don’t have to bother with lunch)
Day 1 I’m usually running several hours behind schedule by the end of the day because of time spent figuring out logistics. (e.g. switching locations because of wifi issues)
Day 2 is the first time you actually run through the new routine from start to finish. It tends to be a bit slow and not fully focused because the muscle memory isn’t quite there yet.
Day 3 feel awesome and like you’re at home and working full speed.
I imagine this 3 day time period applies to all new daily routines not just when you’re traveling.
So stick through the first few days of a new routine, it will get easier.
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