Structuring your own time is the ultimate tool.

Its easy to be on a schedule when its required by your place of work.
Its easy when you know you’ll be fired if you don’t put in the effort.
When you’re working for yourself its much harder.
This could be working on your own business, working on a hobby, or just working on your sanity.
You must have a good structure and a good feedback loop.
Start by identifying all the things you want to do in the time you have available to you. Sleep, personal work, exercise, work (if you’re self employed).
Create an ideal schedule for a week which gives you enough time for each thing.
Put it on paper or in your calendar and then go about your week.
At the end of the week look back on how well you followed it.
Every place you deviated ask yourself “why?”. Don’t let yourself off the hook.
Figure out how you can change the schedule for the following week to make it better.
Do this over and over and over and over and over and you might get to a productive self-controlled schedule.
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