Triggering behavior change on non-tactile decision points is tough but important. 

An example of a non-tactile decision point would be “Every time I delegate a task” or “Every time I’m feeling un-motivated”. 
They’re non-tactile because you can not attach an automated action to these points. 

A tactile decision point like “6pm” is easy to attach an action to. You can set a reminder on your phone or an alarm that will go off at that time and give you a text reminder. e.g. “Take supplements”. 

There isn’t yet a tool that you can attach to your body and will notify you when you are feeling angry. 

Instead, you must cultivate mindfulness and over time use your brain to create this trigger. 

Its much tougher as there is no clear way to do it. If you can do it consistently, you will receive big benefits. 

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