Evolution 2

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Evolution 2 (E2) is a behavior optimization tool that enables life improvement through the creation, evaluation, and tracking of habits.

Users of E2 are guided through an analytical process in which they are challenged to break down their goals into actionable, bite-sized habits that improve the user’s chance of success.

Once habits have been determined, users can adjust each of them including:

  1. By editting the days of the week on which they want to complete or are allowing themselves to skip a habit.
  2. By creating non-binary habits such as weight, hours of sleep, and alcohol/caffeine goals.
  3. By adding a start and end time, allowing scheduling of habits.

Evolution 2 displays progress and insight via intuitive charts that are designed to increased motivation by taking advantage of the “don’t break the chain” motivational technique, showing you past successes and failures, and giving you a full picture of your habits to help you identify “domino” habits that are causing issues across the board. E2 users can also plot the progress of habits against each other in order to identify positive or negative correlations.

Evolution 2 walks its users through a diagnostic process  in order to eliminate roadblocks or bad habits by exploring user behaviors that led to incomplete habits on a given day or for a particular number of consecutive days. This “diagnostic” process utilizes proven principles of cognitive behavioral therapy in order to identify root causes and determine the most effective solutions for resolving those causes.

In some cases, a particular hard case may arise wherein a user has difficulty diagnosing a missed habit’s root cause(s). In other cases, the very habit being missed may be not be realistically defined and/or not within the user’s capability of completing. In these instances, Evolution 2 also provides each user access to coaching. With trained, helpful dedicated support staff within reach at all times, any E2 user can request real life assistance with any particular problem they might encounter on the platform or with their approach to using the platform to develop life changing habits.

Finally, E2 includes the ability to share your habits with an accountability partner or the whole world. This reinforces habit development by allowing users to share their overall results and real-time progress. Sharing is as simple as inviting friends to see your tracked habits. This produces more accountability – and higher probability of success – for both users.

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