Local NYC Primaries are on Tuesday. Vote or lose your right to complain when Trump is (isn’t) re-elected in 2020

The primaries for municipal elections for mayor, comptroller, public advocate and all 51 seats on the city council are on Tuesday September 12th.

If you felt like you didn’t have a choice in 2016, like you didn’t like either candidate, or if you were just disappointed in the outcome, start by voting on Tuesday.

These local elections are where you can have more say on the outcome and where small changes will ripple into the larger changes in the alignment of national politics.

If you stay home then everything will just go on as it has in the past.

Don’t know any of the candidates? No problem! Just go here for a helpful summary of all the candidates and their campaign platforms.

Really want to make a difference post the election?

Get involved in your local politics.

“But I just voted in a primary for city council, isn’t that being involved?”


No. Thats just voting on other people’s choices. Do you want to help make the choices?

If yes, its hard and time consuming but ultimately worth it.

It involves going to meetings, getting to know people in your neighborhood, making proposals about mundane things like which buildings should be landmarked or how land by the river should be developed.

But thats the ground level, thats where you get to know people and can make a difference.

Thats where you can influence whether a library is sold for $1 to a developer to build a new one and affordable housing.

In New York City, all this exciting action happens at the community board meetings. You can just go to those.

Yes, anyone can go!

In many of them, anyone can speak!

Go here and find your community board.

At least sign up for email updates. They’ll send you everything and if you see a meeting you’re interested in you can go.

It won’t take too much time.

Maybe you’ll even help make something better.

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